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Syntax Definition cneg 7183
Description: Extend class notation to include unary minus. The symbol  -u is not a class by itself but part of a compound class definition. We do this rather than making it a formal function since it is so commonly used. Note: We use different symbols for unary minus ( -u) and subtraction cmin 7182 ( -) to prevent syntax ambiguity. For example, looking at the syntax definition co 5512, if we used the same symbol then " (  -  A  -  B ) " could mean either " -  A " minus " B", or it could represent the (meaningless) operation of classes " - " and " -  B " connected with "operation" " A". On the other hand, " ( -u A  -  B ) " is unambiguous.
Ref Expression
cA  class  A
Ref Expression
cneg  class  -u A

See definition df-neg 7185 for more information.

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